Introducing The Word-Sensibility Model

Word-sensibility is about words operating like units of homeostasis. A word is like a sensing unit of homeostasis, where it responds to the changes monitored in a text.

Site Summary: There are innumerable situations that humans would know and machines would not. The basic idea is for machines to have the ability to abstract, at word level, Dynamic Word-Topics that effectually anchor contextual responsiveness, and in this way a machine can make better sense of the things that people typically know. A conceptual model and propositions are proposed that could form the basis for further research.

The Quadranym Model of Word-Sensibility (Q): An Ecological Systems Perspective On Word-Level Concepts & Contextual Unitizations – Non-Mental-Representation Representation Design Before Define Approach.

Q: A method to analyze and cluster words – an ontological alignment system to represent dynamic word relations in unitsscripts and layers.

“To understand is to experience harmony between what we aim at and what is given, between the intention and the performance – and the body is our anchorage in the world. ”― Maurice Merleau-Ponty





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